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...a silk scarf can dress up the everyday clothes and complete any outfit...
Color Infused Silk

Liquid color movement caught in the fine treads of silk chiffon, each piece is painted individually, signed and dated, a page from the journal of life. Worn, these scarves become personal silk wraps for gentle warmth, practical elegance, and transformation.

Painted silk scarves seemed the perfect companion for the hand woven clothing I had been making since 1977. The silk is stretched out full on padded table tops. I use fiber reactive dyes for color strength and durability, deeply mixing and blending tones, spreading the pigment with sponge brushes, then steam set for color permanence. Experimentation keeps me intrigued with each day’s outcome, as I allow the spirit to call for form and movement. My process allows color and pattern from the table top to merge with the dyes spreading on the surface. I sometimes work in series of color or form, but each silk is painted for its uniqueness.

Scarf prices range from $25 to $300 depending on size, silk weave, and complexity. What is pictured here is only a sampling. Please or call 802-229-9446 to discuss availability.