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...Neale is that rare painter who is as adept at realism as she is at abstraction. Her oil paintings are evocations of real and imagined landscapes and portals to other worlds...
—Anne Galloway,
Times Argus
Color, Texture, and Form

Color, texture, and form play in my work whether with dyes on silk or the thicker impasto of oil mixed with beeswax. It is the surface quality and what lies below that surface which excites me in my canvas painting work. I am exploring dualities: in/out, dark/light, earth/air, shiny/scarified. My shapes are simplified…a simple shape can say more to me than a detailed form if it is allowed to move with a vibrating energy — a breath.

Painting is a game with oneself, a journey, an energy erupting, a joy, a lasting memory, and something to ponder into the night. I like abstracts because they can keep the conversation going.

What is pictured here is only a sampling. If interested in seeing more or new work, please or call 802-229-9446 to discuss availability.