Color Musings Home

F rom first memories, color has intrigued me. My childhood was blessed with much art making. Whether with crayons, paints, or paper mache, I could get lost in the process and feel personal accomplishment with the results.

Upon graduation from high school in Norwalk, Ohio, I was awarded the Art Award. I majored in art at Bowling Green State University, graduating in 1971 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts, some teacher’s preparation, and the desire to bring more art into the world.

...Color Musings was established in 1995 as a direct result of a workshop with Nick Cave...

Now, more than 30 years later, I am pleased to realize that I have been able to live with art continually in my life, and that I have brought art into the lives of many others through teaching at the middle school level, at summer camps, through Community Colleges, and in my own studios with apprentices and classes. I have shown my own work in galleries, craft shows, and my own studio presentations for most of these years. When my children were small, I spent most of my working time on the loom because I felt it would be easier to make a living at weaving than painting. It was quite a task making ends meet as a single working mother in the art field, but I was driven to make that happen.

With my 2 sons out of the home, I joined forces with several other committed artists to create a community art center in Barre, VT, where my studio was located for 4 years. There I taught classes, painted on silk, and sometimes let myself paint canvases. During the winter of 2004, I reached one of my ultimate goals: I traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico, rented a studio and painted my heart away. It was isolating not speaking the language and not really having a community of support, but also freeing to be able to live and breathe my paintings. This series was exhibited in Vermont and in a gallery in Prescott, Arizona.

My work is based on color and texture. My forms are simplified, bold, and energized. I want to address the communication between forms, show the dance or movement and let that movement keep happening. With eyesight that is weak, I leave the details out, hoping the energy of the action will speak and invite the viewer into the game of the painting. My silk scarves and wall hangings are bold adventures of what dye can do in fibers as it spreads and mingles. I use a fiber reactive dye, a many layered technique I have developed to create surprising effects, then steam set for color permanence. My paintings bring in textures of fabrics and scored paint, which has been thickened and increased in supply by the addition of a beeswax/copal substance. I have a tendency to dive into a painting and not come up for air until it has reached a state of potential finish. Then I step back, and wonder what I have done.

Currently my silk painted work can be seen in Artisans Hand, Montpelier, a gallery in which I am one of the principals, as well as, all Frog Hollows and galleries across the country.