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Paintings on Silk and Canvas
by Maggie Neale
“Color musing is my joy; sharing this color musing is my life’s mission,” says Maggie Neale, artist, designer, weaver of Montpelier, Vermont. Whether with hand painted silk scarves, large silk hangings, hand woven chenille scarves, or oil paintings, Maggie allows color to rule, to flow, and to transform.

For 35 years, Maggie has been developing textiles with color as a chief theme and pleasure. Painting on a variety of silk fabrics with fiber reactive dyes is a natural course for a watercolor painter and a weaver to combine. The lightness, strength, and texture of silk fabrics make an “expansive” canvas possible. Pinned on 4x8 padded tables, each piece is a painting, signed and dated. Some fabrics naturally suggest clothing designs; these are cut, constructed, and sewn into garments of elegant simplicity.

Please enjoy Color Musings online gallery for silk scarves, hand made clothing, oil paintings, home décor possibilities, and color adventures. The sensuous feel of silk can only be held off line. Notice markets and shows for more in-depth viewing.
Maggie Neale

8 Scribner Street
Montpelier, Vermont 05602

P 802-229-9446
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